Lemon Fusilli


lemon fusilli cover photo 4Cooking for a family is a balancing act.

You must please the adults.

You must please the kids.

This can be a monumental task. Everyone has flavors and textures they prefer.

Enter Lemon Fusilli. This flavor-bomb from Ina from Ina Garten is just one of those dishes. Yes, you will sample it repeatedly during preparation. Yes, your husband will give the official sound of approval: “Mmm.” (Double eye squint.) “Mmm, that’s good.” Yes, you will notice that after 15 seconds, your 5-year-old daughter’s pasta helping has disappeared. (Check the floor, because that’s where half of Cora’s food accidentally ends up. But it won’t be there.)

I love love love this dish. It simply makes good, sensible use of flavors and textures.

And it looks so darn pretty, too! Continue reading